Pilot Project EE-104

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Planner: Viggo’s Group
Surface: 104 sqm
Number of floors: G
Year: 2022

The EE104 concept represents a minimalist development with respect for the sensory, a multifunctional space, ergonomic from the point of view of living and versatile, both for a family or a couple. It represents a type of optimal simultaneous or separate coexistence, which allows a direct spatial and visual connection with the outside, with the vegetation and with the elements.

The concept assumes a quality lifestyle, a space with a volume with high aesthetic vibration. The implementation becomes possible with a low cost, at a high standard, which offers the possibility of upgrades from case to case, depending on the budget and the client’s specifications.

The project fits into the current trends related to the housing standard. Sustainable architecture, with the application of passive house principles, with CLT structure, on screw-type foundations, with the use of heat pumps and photovoltaic panels are the key elements of this development.