Moieciu Hotel(Rooms & Lobby)

Location: Moieciu Village, Romania
Planner: Viggo’s Group
Surface: 2650 sqm
Floors: Ground + Attic
Year: 2021-2022

The project proposes a rustic approach, with bionic design elements (plants and compositions with natural elements), joined in an airy and contemporary manner. The appearance obtained in this way is warm and welcoming.

The spaces on which we intervened through design are mainly: the reception/lobby area next to the waiting area, bar, a large restaurant area and the accommodation rooms. The characteristic design elements can be found in all the mentioned spaces, the arrangement being treated as a unit, in a coherent and fluid manner.

The design of the accommodation rooms has a fresh approach and seeks to achieve a refreshing image, through discreet quotes of the environment, such as the shades of the upholstery and the supporting images of the wallpaper.