Glontu House

Location: Branesti, Ilfov County
Planner: Viggo’s Group
Surface: 300 sqm
Number of floors: B + G + 1 Floor

Medium-sized home with modern influences, designed to meet the needs of a young couple. The resistance structure is made of wood, of the timber frame type. The B+G+Floor house is compartmentalized with an efficient functional distribution, so that in the ground floor area we have common spaces, living room, dining room, kitchen, office and terrace, together with a guest bedroom and technical room.

The first floor and the basement are the private areas of the house, the first floor represents the night area with 3 bedrooms with their own bathrooms, while the basement represents the expansion component, where, in addition to the storage spaces, there is a fitness room and a sauna.

The exterior of the house is elegantly treated, the color palette used being limited, as to highlight the volumes of the building and the generous glazed spaces through the use of light gray fiber cement and wood veneer.